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If you're a female entrepreneur or executive who's feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or simply stuck, join my 60-day energy camp and learn my M.O.R.E. system to find your focus, double your energy and boost your confidence.

Modern life is exhausting. We have more demands and more distractions than ever before. And everywhere we look we are faced with airbrushed images of perfect lives on social media. It’s easy for women today to end up feeling drained, unfocused, and doubting ourselves.

It’s time to discover a better way.

As a psychologist I’ve spent the last 16 years working with some of the biggest companies in the world from Google to Unilever to the BBC to help their teams become more focussed, confident, energetic and happy. Now I’ve taken everything I’ve proven works and created a simple system for women in business to transform their energy, focus and confidence in 60 days.

Is this for you?

You’re successful in your work, whether it’s a career or your own business, but you’re not quite satisfied. You’ve been feeling a little flat for a while and yet this makes you feel guilty as on paper you have an enviable life.

You know you’re working far too many hours and yet your results don’t match the effort you’re putting in. You’re fed up of feeling tired and overwhelmed and you’ve decided enough is enough. You’re ready to do something about it.

You’re looking for a simple system to optimise your confidence, focus and energy. You know this will create more freedom, ease and joy in your life and are willing to take the necessary action to get there.

Energy Camp teaches you simple science-backed strategies that together have a remarkable effect.

If you were beginning to think that you’re just not one of those naturally focused or confident people the good news is that anyone can elevate their focus and confidence when they know how.

I’ve been studying psychology and the science behind living a good life for nearly two decades and I can tell you what research shows really works to improve your energy, focus and confidence. Top executives and athletes use these strategies to excel, now you can too.

When you join Energy Camp I can lead you to a life that’s easier, more satisfying and more joyful, through my M.O.R.E. habit forming system:



My M.O.R.E system will teach you 4 effortless hacks that will massively boost your focus and save you hours every week. You’ll learn how to get the most important tasks done without the struggle.

This is your chance to finally beat the overwhelm and feel at ease with your life while achieving the results you want.


If you’re feeling worn out and tired, my M.O.R.E. system will teach you specific key actions you can take to boost your energy within the first 7 days of joining Energy Camp.

Find out what small changes you can make to stop energy killers in their tracks and replace them with energy givers.  Add effortless hacks to be at your best, more of the time.


Use my simple M.O.R.E. system to find out how to create a confident state more of the time.

Learn quick strategies that will build your confidence and remove the feeling of paralysis and ‘not enough-ness’.

Learn one paradigm-shifting hack that will make it easier to go for the opportunities in life that really excite you.

"Karen's energy and deep knowledge of the subject made her sessions transformational even for the most senior directors in the organisation"
Dawn jackson
Head of Learning & Development

Why work with me?

I’m a psychologist who has been teaching these techniques in some of the world’s best organisations for over 16 years. What I teach has been well researched and proven to work.

But more than that, I’ve been there. I’ve been that overworked exhausted woman who was close to burnout. I’ve been that anxious woman full of self doubt and fear of being ‘found out’. I’ve played small because I didn’t think I had the ability to make my mark in this world. I understand.

The tools I’ll be sharing with you have helped me break free from the shackles of perfectionism and self doubt to create work that fills me with joy.

I work 6 hour days, never at weekends and travel for 4 months of the year. Life is good, and life is easy. There is nothing that I want to do more than to share with you all the simple tools that I’ve used to get here.

"Karen's training course completely changed the way we work. Months later we still use her system and we get much more done in less time."

How it works


Micro learning is a new way of delivering training in small chunks. The course will be delivered online via short 10 min. videos 3 times a week. 

This makes it easier to learn and remember information


You will have access to a secret Facebook group where you can share struggles and successes with other course takers.

Each member will also have a buddy who will keep them accountable and make sure they are making progress


There will be weekly group coaching sessions to further support you making progress. 

The weekly group coaching sessions will help you share ideas and move forward when things get difficult


Each member will have 2 coaching sessions with me directly. These alone are worth £500. 

One of the sessions will focus on your Strengths profile so you can use your natural strengths to achieve results easier


Changing habits is one of the most effective ways of changing behaviour for good. 

The course is designed to help you remove bad habits and create good ones so that the benefits of the course are ever-lasting.


The entire 60-Day Energy Camp takes place online so you can take part wherever you are. 

Over the course of the 60 days you will have access to short videos, weekly masterclasses and a community of other women like you. The aim is for you to learn my M.O.R.E. system (and the science behind it) and create habits that will double your energy, find your focus and boost your confidence. 

Each Friday I’ll share a fun ‘quest’ with you to try out over the next week – from creating a focus hour to improving your sleep to taming your email.

In addition you’ll have two one-to-one coaching consultations with me so if you’re getting stuck on something we can work through it together to find a successful solution unique to you.

At the end of the 60 days we’ll all get together online to share our successes and talk about how we’ll keep using what we’ve learned to improve our lives.

  • Discover ‘the energy spiral’ – how small changes in each area of your life build on each other to improve the way you feel, live and work forever.
  • Learn my easy M.O.R.E. system to create more energy, focus and confidence
  • Learn my simple trick to beat procrastination and get stuff done
  • Find out about the Impostor Syndrome and women’s fear of ‘being found out’ and how to beat it
  • Learn how to make your thinking work for you instead of against you
  • Learn how to stay motivated when the going gets tough
  • Discover how to turn perfectionism that hinders you into action that moves you forward
  • A 1-page energy nutrition sheet that anyone can use (even without self discipline!) that will boost your energy and mood and that I have used myself to lose 10kg of extra weight at the age of 40.



60 day Energy Camp

Are you ready to take action to create your best work and live your best life?

Would you like to be one of the original co-creators of this programme? 

How about getting the programme for a fraction of the price?

If you have answered YES to all 3 questions then you are in with a chance of being 1 of only 10 people who will be selected for this pilot programme.

The full price of the 60-Day Energy Camp is £1470 + VAT. However for this pilot run, I have made 10 places available at just £470 + VAT if you are willing to give feedback as we go along and share your success story at the end.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you click on the button below and book a 20-minute consultation with me. During the call we’ll talk about your current situation and find out if Energy Camp is the right course for you.