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I’m Karen.  I’m a Business Psychologist and Positive Performance coach who uses science to help driven women in business move beyond overwhelm & self doubt so that they flourish on the inside and out. 

Work, when done right, can be a source of meaning and joy. You too can cultivate the clarity to work in a way that brings out the best in you, the confidence to believe in your work and yourself and the momentum to create fast progress without giving up your sanity or your life. 

I can show you how. 



5 Easy ways to beat overwhelm and get calm, clear and focused instantly. Move from feeling paralysed by all the work you need to do and get laser focused on the next key step.  

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My philosophy

The past 16 years working as a business psychologist with some of the top organisations in the world have taught me that results are far more dependant on your state than your skills. Too often have I worked with hugely talented people who are stuck in a place of self-doubt, fear and anxiety. Too often have I worked with formidable people who are spinning wheels and not getting anywhere because they’re overwhelmed and exhausted.

Work has the potential to be a great source of self-expression, satisfaction and happiness…..if done right.

The work I do helps women in business identify the little things they can do to create huge impact on their levels of energy, confidence and productivity. I believe in taking a holistic view with my clients, understanding how their current habits are effecting their life – from their physical energy, to their ability to focus, their level of happiness and their confidence.

How I can help

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Discover Your Strengths

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Goodbye Overwhelm Hello Flow

Discover how to double your energy, confidence, focus, productivity and results in this 60 day group programme. 

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